About DVT Light

Created by experience
- driven by passion​

We’re DVT Light, and we are all about innovation, teamwork and excellent customer service.

Even though DVT Light is a fairly new venture, we have more than 50 years of industry experience built into the organization. Our founder, Peter Johansen, has been inventing products for the entertainment industry since the 1970s where he invented the smoke machine. Since then, he’s been involved in multiple companies in the lighting industry.

DVT Light was established in 2021, and our organization is comprised of many different departments – all filled with devoted employees who fight for the same goal: To design-, produce-, sell- and promote strong lighting solutions.

Collectively, we have many decades of experience from the entertainment industry, and when you mix this with a passion for innovation and a healthy company culture, you get DVT Light.

The following section is about our commitment to you, our future customer and partner. The DVT Light Handbook is a guideline for us and a guarantee for you. We can’t wait to light up the world with you.

The DVT Light Handbook

The following is the result of many years in the service industry. Insisting on transparency, this handbook was created to help guide DVT Light employees and to offer assurance to customers and partners across the world.

We operate by these rules because experience has proven that selling lights is more than just designing, building and billing. It is a relational journey for both parties involved.

There is always room for improvement, no matter how happy the last customer was. This rule helps us strive for continuous improvement, which results in even better products and service.

Having created hundreds of products throughout their careers, our team knows that there is a way to improve even the most ground-breaking- and bestselling products, and that is what drives the innovation in our production.

The next ground-breaking discovery is always just around the corner, and we’ll never stop chasing innovation that could potentially make your life even better.

Our customer service is powered by the same high standards as our product development and the rest of the organization: We want to deliver exceptional service – every time.
That is why we live- and abide by the old phrase: The customer is always right. That’s it – as simple as that.

You are more than an order number when you do business with us. We want to get to know our customers, because doing so allows us to create the best possible solution for your specific situation.

It is important for us that you get exactly what you need and that you are left feeling satisfied with your result. In the unlikely event of a mistake or misunderstanding, we want you to feel comfortable contacting our customer service, whose main task it is to greet you with understanding and open arms.

While it is important for us to produce innovative- and competitive products, we also want to make sure that they are affordable. In our world, high quality doesn’t have to translate into high prices – just like low prices shouldn’t translate into poor quality.

We always want to be able to offer high quality lighting solutions without having to top the prizing charts every time a new product hits the shelves. We uphold this standard by, for example, developing our own components, which means that we can produce what we need instead of having to buy everything at market price.

All our products are designed, developed and manufactured in Denmark. This means that our R&D is close to our production team, allowing for quick solutions and easy testing.

We work under strict regulations and high industry standards, something that quickly becomes evident when you begin using our products. We work hard to make sure that when you see the DVT Light logo, you see more than just another brand – you see a stamp of quality.

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