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Mikkel Bandholm

Head of Development

Phone: +45 42249491

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Theis Kæseler

Operations Coordinator

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Asbjørn Christensen

Software Engineer

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Christian Madsen

Embedded Software- & Hardware Developer

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Jesper Nielsen

Embedded Software Engineer

Need to talk to a DVT Light distributor?

We have a constantly growing distributor network, so feel free to contact our distributors if you are located in one of the countries below. They can help you get your hands on the popular DVT Light products. You are of course also welcome to contact us directly regarding product purchases.


Logo of Vigsø, distributor in Denmark
+45 70 50 50 60

Vigsø is our distributor in Denmark, the country where all DVT Light products are born. While being one of the smaller countries in Europe, Denmark has a huge market for entertainment lighting, something that Vigsø knows better than anyone else.

Established in 2016, Vigsø has built a strong and experienced team in a short amount of time. Their dedication to tailored solutions and excellent customer service has made them one of the most trusted dry hire companies in Denmark.

As one of the first distributors of the popular PJ-5 wash light, Vigsø has already rented out hundreds of DVT Light fixtures to many different events in Denmark.

North America

+1 407 857 8770

Techni-lux in partnership with DVT Light handles the service, support and sales distribution network for North America for all DVT Light products.  

Techni-Lux has been in the professional lighting industry for over 32 years, and their unique experience and know-how make them the premier source for quality products and European brands. Techni-Lux focuses only on sales, project development, design assistance, and before and after sales support.   

The entertainment industry is thriving in the USA, and show producers and designers are constantly looking for new ways to improve their events and projects – something that Techni-Lux shares the same vision with by introducing DVT Light to North American markets. In addition to entertainment, growing at an even a greater rate is the architectural and themed outdoor venue lighting. Techni-Lux introduced the first high power LED on the market over 20 years ago and since has been a pioneer in the use and control of high power LED lighting. With these new DVT Light “tools” and features, Techni-Lux will again introduce truly new innovation and novel lighting products to the architectural industry.  The flicker free products will also make an entrance and be greatly appreciated in TV and Film studios.   

Looking for wash lights, flood lights, dynamic lighting, Techni-Lux is ready to supply you with all the popular DVT Light products.


Logo of AV Light, distributor in Poland
+48 512 221 220

AV Light distributes DVT Light products in Poland. As a representative of GLP, AV Light has significant experience in the lighting- and entertainment industry, making them the perfect distributor of our unique product line.

The entertainment industry is booming in Poland, and event planners are constantly looking for new ways to improve their projects – something that AV Light has used as a gateway to introducing the DVT Light product line to the Polish market.

Whether you are looking for wash lights, flood lights or fresnels, AV Light is ready to supply you with all the popular DVT Light products. If you are located in Poland, be sure to give AV Light a call whenever you need your projects to shine brighter than the rest.


Logo of Niclen, distributor in Germany and the UK
+44 1844 617083

Covering two of the largest consumer markets in Europe, NicLen is making sure that DVT Light products are available in both Germany and England. With countless concerts, shows and events every year, there is an unparalleled demand for strong lighting products in these two countries.

NicLen has been in the dry hire industry for many years, and their unique experience and know-how make them one of the most used suppliers of lighting products in Germany and England.

With several different DVT Light products in their portfolio, NicLen is the company to call whenever you want your projects to stand out from the rest. NicLen offers both the MB-4, MB-8, PJ-2.5, PJ-5 and MT-150 TW.

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